Simplicity Is the Homework of a Genius

A Teamup user story from Ruben Hansen, Daltek, Denmark:

“I started my company in May 2014. During the first couple of months loads and loads of things needed to be sorted out. One of the things that I needed to decide was what calendar system to use.

I had some very simple requirements.

  • My calendar should be easy to access from different platforms.
  • My calendar should synchronize at once on the fly.
  • My calendar should be easy to expand to more users.

The big and powerful calendars, like the one integrated in MS Office and a lot of others could not perform these simple tasks. Fortunately I ran across Teamup and was impressed by the simplicity. The simplicity (but possibilities to go more advanced) was really what made me use this system.

Today 1½ years later I employ 5 people beside myself and we all have our own calendar on Teamup. Everyone has stated that it’s easy to use and get accustomed to. We use it for everything, from planning meetings with customers to keeping track of each other in a busy day. Even keeping track of who is in for lunch becomes simple and easy with Teamup.

Thank you Ruben for sharing!  It’s an honor to be of support in your journey of entrepreneurship.  Best of luck with growing your business!


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