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Story from Carole Jeske, USA

I’ve used TEAMUP twice now in very critical times of need. The first time was June 2014 when I worked at an animal shelter. We had 9 puppies born and needed to hand feed them and medicate them. This meant we needed to rely on many hands! I used TEAMUP and it worked great! Being a nonprofit and not having much money, it was a great tool.

I’m now working in a hospital and in charge of the schedule. I’d like it to be self scheduled and flexible, so again I came back to TEAMUP. Thank you for making life easy!

Thank you Carole for sharing such a beautiful story.  It is very motivating to learn that our work makes life easier for so many people around the world, and how non-profit organizations with limited budget can make great use of our free services.  Best of luck to you with your better coordinated and more productive team through flexible self-scheduling in a hospital environment.

We are thrilled to receive user stories and feedback from all around the world.  We are sharing some of them here, and say a big THANK YOU!


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