Peer-Reviewed Academic Article Praises Teamup

We were thrilled to receive a message recently from Professor Sarah E. Hughes, Access Services Librarian at the David & Lorraine Cheng Library at William...
Annie Mueller
4 min read

How to Use Your Teamup Calendar as a Kanban Board

Create a powerful, customizable Kanban board that you and your team can use without ever leaving your calendar. Simplify your workflow and work efficiently....
3 min read

Easily Create a Customer Information Page with Teamup

With Teamup, you can easily create a customer information page for quick review on your way to a meeting, to remind you when it’s...
Annie Mueller
2 min read

March Updates from Teamup

Monthly updates from Teamup for March, 2019: enhanced details in Agenda and List view, an efficient service department, how to create a central booking...
Annie Mueller
4 min read