Syncing Schedules for Acupuncture Practice with Teamup

yana at acupuncture rocks

Yana Symonenko is a Licensed Acupuncturist and an Owner at AcupunctureRocks, a small acupuncture practice in Santa Clara, Utah. Yana seeks to create an “East meets West” environment in her practice, applying the best of ancient medicine with a firm foundation in Western medicine. To stay organized with booking clients and syncing schedules with her partner, she uses Teamup.

Reducing conflict with a synced schedule

Before using Teamup, it was difficult to keep all activities, appointments, and shared spaces organized and scheduled without conflict.

“I couldn’t find a good app for working and synchronizing between all my devices and my partner’s devices as well.”

Without automatically syncing schedules, Yana had to check in via messaging, email, or phone with her partner and ensure there weren’t scheduling conflicts. Plus, it was easy to double-book when using one device and forgetting about an appointment that was only visible on another device.

Staying connected and organized

“Teamup gives me a chance to have clear, understandable interface, use multiple devices and connect my partner to the calendar.”

Practice schedule app view
Synced schedule on an iPhone

With Teamup, it’s been easy to keep track of everything in one place: client appointments, meetings, online sessions and seminars, certification work, booking of treatment spaces, and time off. Since Yana can access the Teamup calendar from any device, she can update or check the calendar anywhere. And since her partner also has access to the calendar, they can ensure there’s no double-bookings or schedule conflicts easily and efficiently.

“I’m more organized with my schedule… Teamup really made my life easier. I have my patients’ appointments in the calendar and can be sure that I don’t double-book myself. My partner can see my schedule immediately and doesn’t double-book our joint events.”

Color-coded schedule at a glance
Color-coded, at a glance: what’s happening at an acupuncture practice

Features that make it work

Teamup is both powerful and flexible. For a small practice like Acupuncture Rocks, here are the features that make it a great solution:

  • Having a Teamup user account with a calendar dashboard makes it easy to access Teamup from any device. Just log into your Teamup account and open your dashboard to see your calendars.
  • Teamup’s free mobile apps for iOS and Android make it easy to stay connected. Get real-time updates, add events, and easily check or change calendar events from anywhere.
  • Color-coded sub-calendars allow you to set up calendars in a structured and easy-to-use way. Toggle sub-calendars on and off to see only the relevant events. You can even organize sub-calendars in folders.
  • Built-in filters allow for sorting all the data to find just what’s relevant in the moment. Filter by sub-calendar, keyword, custom field, or a combination.

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Yana! We’re glad Teamup is a good solution for your business.

Ready to try Teamup yourself? Create a free calendar, try a live demo, or see more about how to manage availability with Teamup.

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