My Teamup Experience: Hope Channel Southeast Asia

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This story was submitted by Daniel Claudet, General Manager of Hope Channel Southeast Asia.

It was February 2018, and the heavy machinery was starting to build a TV studio. I was hired as the manager of this ambitious project, based in Thailand but producing content for 7 countries in the region and in 8 different languages.

While the build was underway, I started selecting the right people to work with me on this mission. We brought together people from different parts of the world and our mission began. The main studio TV for Hope Channel Southeast Asia was inaugurated in August 2019.

As a manager, I was looking for the best way to coordinate the activities in the studio. With 3 main departments to coordinate: pre-production, production and post-production, I needed a tool to connect our team and create a clean and quick communication of our daily activities. I tried Google Calendar, Outlook, Trello and others, but they weren’t the tool I needed. Until I found TeamUp Calendar. I decided to try it out with the live demo option. The very first moment I tried it… I looked at the year view option and I knew it was what I was looking for. In a few minutes, I understood how Teamup worked and I signed up for the free version.

I still remember the day I had the meeting with the team and I introduced TeamUp Calendar to our employees. At that point, we only had a few employees and had little activity. But we were growing. Hope Channel was hiring more people and our activities were increasing a lot more, so we decided to go with an upgraded subscription. Little did I know, it was the best decision I made. We all know with one click what projects we are working on, what is happening next, who is involved, deadlines and so much other important information. As a manager, I know exactly how long a project takes from initial idea to finished production, and this tracking makes my job easier.

At Hope Channel we are growing every year and I am sure that TeamUp Calendar will meet all our needs.

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Thank you Daniel for sharing your experience!

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