How to Create New Sub-Calendars

How to create new sub-calendars

Ready to add more sub-calendars to your Teamup master calendar? Here are simple instructions for how to create new sub-calendars. Note: you’ll need to access your calendar in a browser, with administrator level access, to open the settings.

How to create new sub-calendars

  1. From the blue menu icon in the top right of your calendar, select Settings.
  2. Select Calendars from the blue sidebar in Settings.
  3. Click the New button in the top right to add a new calendar (or to add an iCalendar feed).
  4. Customize the color, name, and other facets of the new sub-calendar.

You can always edit an existing sub-calendar: select the Pencil icon to the right of the sub-calendar list.

When to add new sub-calendars

To open and manage a new project

  • You can create a folder to hold all sub-calendars related to the project.
  • Assign project goals and tasks to team members.
  • Keep an eye on project milestones and zoom in on daily details.

To manage a new resource or tool

  • Add a new sub-calendar for any new resource, tool, or equipment.
  • Easily schedule the use of the resource with add-only booking.
  • Prevent double-booking with sub-calendar settings.

To limit scheduled use of a shared space

  • Add one sub-calendar for each “open slot” (allowed person per time period).
  • Helpful when working with limited occupancy or other restrictions on a space.
  • Block out unavailable time for maintenance or cleaning.

To coordinate with and manage team schedules

  • Add one sub-calendar for each team member for easier delegation.
  • Let each team member add their own days off, available times, meetings, etc.
  • Use comments on events for notes visible to the whole team.

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