What is a calendar link?

A calendar link is a custom shareable link that is used to access a Teamup calendar. A calendar administrator would access the Teamup calendar using an administrator link, which provides access to all the calendar settings. All non-admin users, both individuals and groups, access a Teamup calendar as an account-based user or with a shareable calendar link.

Update a calendar link easily to include a new sub-calendar.
You can set a different permission for each sub-calendar included in a custom calendar link.

Account users v shareable links

For individuals who need ongoing calendar access, it’s best to work with account-based access. Set up each individual as a calendar user. You can create groups and move users into groups as needed. Account-based user control is more secure and easier to manage for the calendar administrator. It also allows calendar users to work with helpful features such as a synced calendar dashboard and event reminders, and to set up their own notification subscriptions.

Shareable calendar links are helpful when you want to provide limited calendar access. Perhaps you want to share a calendar with someone who is not a Teamup registered user, and you do not want to add this person as a regular calendar user. You can create a shareable link, allow calendar access via the link, and then delete the link when it is no longer needed.

Another good use for shareable calendar links is for embedding a calendar. You can create a secure, read-only calendar link. Then use that link in our Embed Wizard and share a secure version of the calendar, embedded in your website or Facebook page.

About calendar links

Calendar links are created by the calendar administrator. Each shareable link can include all sub-calendars or selected sub-calendars. For example, a master calendar might have 50 sub-calendars. But a calendar link might only include 5 of those sub-calendars. Permissions are set for each sub-calendar included, to control how much access and ability a user has. For example, a read-only permission allows a user to view what’s on a sub-calendar, but not to modify or add anything.

Calendar links can be deactivated, modified, or deleted by the calendar administrator at any time. Calendar administrators can see all calendar links for their calendar by going to Settings > Sharing.

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