Long Term Planning with Year or Multi-month View

Being able to have a whole year plan at a glance is very helpful to many organizations. Teamup offers a unique year view that is configurable. Shown below is an example of a calendar view with 6 months at a glance. Each month has on its own row.

A calendar view with events of 6 months. Onscreen option to view 1 month to 12 months.
Toggle the calendar list in the left panel to view one sub-calendar in 6-month view.
Toggle the calendar list in the left panel to view one sub-calendar in 6-month view.

This long term view may be especially useful when you need to review the past year or plan for the next half year, or simply get inspired when a new year starts!


New in Teamup Mobile Apps: Creating repeating events

Creating repeating events has long been supported in the Web version of Teamup. It is now also possible to do so on the mobile apps.

The latest updates, version 1.3.0 for the Android app and version 2.4.11 for the iOS app, allow you to create repeating events right in the app. No more need to go back to the Web version to create or edit repeating events.

How to create a repeating event

Go to the start date/time and tap the + sign as usual to add a new event.  The event editor opens up.  Now tap the repeating field where the default shows “Do not repeat”:

android add a repeating event

On the next screen, select the repeating pattern you want:

Set repeating pattern

Now review and adjust the rules applied to the repeating event series. Click the check mark in the top right to save:

Set repeating pattern and ending date

A new series of weekly meeting has been created:

Repeating event created





New Year, New Inspiration!

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The beginning of a new year is a time to get inspired, to get organized, not only for today but for a whole new year ahead.  If you don’t use the year view in your daily use of Teamup Calendar, it’s time to click the Year tab in the top right and take a moment to think about how it will be filled and what wonderful things you wish to happen over the next 12 months.

Need a quick review of what happened in 2017?  Click the arrow to the left of Today to bring up the big picture of the past year. Regardless what we have achieved and where we have been, we are here and now, with a whole new year in front of us, all free for our creativity!

All the best for 2018. Good luck everyone!