Using Teamup to Handle Delivery Scheduling… A Living, Breathing App

breathing app

A Teamup user story from Barry Mattison, Off The Wall Art & Framing, USA:

Most calendars tend to be cumbersome and hard to implement over a network or the internet.

When we discovered Teamup all our scheduling and missed appointment problems were instantly solved. We tried Google Calendar but found it to be restrictive in use and accessibility.

We also tried several other online systems to handle our delivery scheduling, but Teamup came up the decisive winner in every category – ease of use; flexibility; accessibility; administration; security and many others.

Teamup is instantly accessible by our work crews in the field, offering multiple viewing options by groups, and it’s a living, breathing app that is not only mobile friendly and easy to use by all employees, the onscreen interface makes changing or moving appointments a snap. Add the email function to notify employees of changes, deletions or additions and Teamup scores at the very top of the list.

The most helpful feature of Teamup is that it resides on the net and is easily accessible by anyone authorized to do so, and through a variety of devices.

We look forward to a long relationship with Teamup. Thanks.

Thank you Barry so much for sharing your experience!

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