A Story of Using Teamup for Tennis Court Bookings

Tony, a tennis club administrator in Kent, England, told us about how he was looking at converting their paper based court booking system to an online solution. He had tried Google Calendar but it hadn’t worked well. He hadn’t “come across Teamup” until “a colleague, who had used the software in the past for facilities management room booking, suggested Teamup.”

“I found the implementation of Teamup’s different URLs for various access permissions an elegant solution for allowing members to add entries but not change existing bookings. The customisation options are just right and embedding the Teamup calendar in an iFrame on our website worked first time.”

Tennis court booking with Teamup Calendar
After nearly a year, we had the chance to re-connect and ask Tony how Teamup has been working for his tennis club.

He replied:

“It’s going very well. Our members like the ability to see court availability and book courts online without having to go to the clubhouse noticeboard, which was how it used to work.”

Thank you Tony for sharing your experience. We will do our best to make Teamup even better.

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