One Million Users!

We are excited to announce that Teamup Calendar has reached one million active monthly users worldwide!

Shared Calendar for groupsWhen we created Teamup, we wanted to solve a very fundamental problem that wasn’t being addressed by the mainstream applications like Google Calendar and Outlook: How do you make it simple and efficient for groups to share plans and track statuses on a shared calendar application?  What we’ve created and continue to improve upon is simply a solution that eliminates lots of no-value-adding efforts in groups.

We’re so thrilled to reach this milestone.  We have a wonderful community of users that constantly contributes to helping us build a better product. All your feedback – the stories, the voluntary praise and the enthusiasm – that comes back to us every day from all around the world is incredibly motivating, making us feel good about the work we do.

We wouldn’t be here without all of you!  Thank You!!!

The Entire Teamup Team

A Customer Journey: Tried, Left, and Came Back!

Organizing big groups is a big task – even more so when that team is spread round multiple areas, constantly travelling, and organizing meetings.

This is a story of a customer that left Teamup for Microsoft 365, then came back to Teamup – After only six months it became clear that the Microsoft solution just wasn’t meeting the needs of such a large team. They were missing the ease and additional functionality of their Teamup calendar.

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Now you can assign one event to multiple calendars!

What a huge milestone this is!  Thanks to our customers around the globe who keep us inspired and challenged.  I’m so proud of our incredibly capable and motivated team who has delivered another much needed solution!

We just shared this exciting news with all of those who subscribe to our newsletter.  Here’s one part of it.  You can read the full content here.

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You asked, we’ve delivered. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a newTeamup Calendar feature – the ability to assign one event to multiple calendars.

Have you been in a situation where:

  • a group of people need to go to the same meeting or work on the same task?
  • a tennis class needs to be assigned to a coach and a court?
  • a conference session belongs to both a content track and a room…?

… the list goes on and on – there are hundreds of reasons you may need to assign one event to different calenders. Well, we’ve made it easier for you.

Click here to see how to assign one event to multiple calendars.

Click to see how to assign one event to multiple calendars
Click to see how to assign one event to multiple calendars

So what does this mean for you? Less time spent on data entry as you don’t have to enter the same event multiple times, and less risk for outdated or inconsistent information in your calendar.

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Need to assign one event to multiple calendars? Now you can!

Life is multifaceted, for both individuals and groups.   Getting organized is additionally challenging when you are juggling many “things” and need to avoid clashes.  For example, a school administrator needs to manage teachers, subjects and classrooms to ensure that teachers and classrooms are not double booked.  An agency managing musicians and venues needs to be able to keep each musician updated when and where they will be playing.  And each venue needs to know who will be playing and when.  Scheduling which necessitates working with multiple calendars can be difficult and time consuming.  At Teamup we recognize this and we’ve built a solution which links events to multiple calendars to simplify complex scheduling tasks.

Our new “one-to-many” ability lets you assign a single event to multiple calendars, which might include the calendar of a person, resource, object or venue, etc.  The feature is available for free to all Teamup users and it can be enabled or disabled in the settings.

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Getting Around Teamup App for iOS

Download Teamup app for iPhoneThe long-awaited Teamup mobile app for iOS is now available in the App Store for download.  While it is the same Teamup Calendar you use on your desktop computer, the iOS version has a number of unique touch points that can be used to your advantage.  We will share two tips here that may help you get around the App quickly and make the best use of it: Offline access to Teamup and why you should refresh often.

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How Teamup helps pavement company schedule jobs for people who build and repair our roads

Story from Teresa Ortiz, Holbrook Asphalt, USA

A year ago  we were using Google Calendar.  In our business, this calendar is almost our Bible.  Myself and another person schedule all of our jobs on this calendar.  In the summer, it is crazy.  We need the different colors to signify the type of work we are doing.  We might be doing a sealcoat on asphalt, or just crackfill.  We have 3 superintendents who have access to the calendar and the colors help them to know what is coming up, and to prepare the crew assignments.  So our “calendars” are actually just different jobs.

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Using Teamup to Handle Delivery Scheduling… A Living, Breathing App


Story from Barry Mattison, Off The Wall Art & Framing, USA

Most calendars tend to be cumbersome and hard to implement over a network or the internet.

When we discovered Teamup all our scheduling and missed appointment problems were instantly solved. We tried Google Calendar but found it to be restrictive in use and accessibility.

We also tried several other online systems to handle our delivery scheduling, but Teamup came up the decisive winner in every category – ease of use; flexibility; accessibility; administration; security and many others.

Teamup is instantly accessible by our work crews in the field, offering multiple viewing options by groups, and it’s a living, breathing app that is not only mobile friendly and easy to use by all employees, the onscreen interface makes changing or moving appointments a snap. Add the email function to notify employees of changes, deletions or additions and Teamup scores at the very top of the list.

The most helpful feature of Teamup is that it resides on the net and is easily accessible by anyone authorized to do so, and through a variety of devices.

We look forward to a long relationship with Teamup. Thanks.

Thank you Barry so much for sharing your experience!  This is very helpful.  We often hear people saying that other calendars are accessible online too, so what’s the difference with Teamup?  We are hearing you describing your whole experience, not about whether a specific feature is supported or not.  Thank you for scoring Teamup at the very top of the list!

We are thrilled to receive user stories and feedback from all around the world.  We are sharing some of them here, and say a big THANK YOU!

How Teamup’s Time Zone Support Helps Scientists in 16 Countries Collaborate


Story from Piera Luisa Ghia, The Pierre Auger Observatory, Argentina

Dear Teamup Team (sorry for the words’ game),

Scientists collaborate in many different time zonesThis page gives me finally the occasion to thank you for your really great calendar!  I am a member of a 500-people collaboration of physicists who all together have built and are running the largest ever cosmic ray detector in the world, extending over 3000 km2 , in Argentina.

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Simplicity is the homework of a genious


Story from Ruben Hansen, Daltek, Denmark:

I started my company in May 2014. During the first couple of months loads and loads of things needed to be sorted out. One of the things that i needed to decide was what calender system to use. I had some very simple requirements.

  • My calender should be easy to access from different platforms.
  • My calender should syncronize at once on the fly.
  • My calender should be easy to expand to more users.

The big and powerful calenders, like the one integrated in MS Office and alot of others could not perform these simple tasks. Fortunatly i ran across TEAMUP and was impressed by the simplicity. The simplicity (but possibilities to go more advanced) was really what made me use this system.

Today 1½ years later i employ 5 people beside myself and we all have our own calender on TEAMUP. Everyone has stated that its easy to use and get acustomed to. We use it for everything. From planning meetings with customers to keep track of each other in a busy day. Even keeping track of who´s in for lunch becomes simple and easy with TEAMUP.

Thank you Ruben for sharing!  It’s an honor to be of support in your journey of entrepreneurship.  Best of luck with growing your business!

We are thrilled to receive user stories and feedback from all around the world.  We are sharing some of the stories here, and say a big THANK YOU!

A Story of Using Teamup for Tennis Court Bookings

Tony, a tennis club administrator in Kent, England, told us about how he was looking at converting their paper based court booking system to an online solution. He had tried Google Calendar but it hadn’t worked well. He hadn’t “come across Teamup” until “a colleague, who had used the software in the past for facilities management room booking, suggested Teamup.”

Tony found “the implementation of Teamup’s different URLs for various access permissions an elegant solution for allowing members to add entries but not change existing bookings.”
“The customisation options are just right and embedding the Teamup calendar in an iFrame on our website worked first time.”

Tennis court booking with Teamup Calendar
After nearly a year, we had the chance to re-connect and ask Tony how Teamup has been working for his tennis club. He replied: “It’s going very well. Our members like the ability to see court availability and book courts online without having to go to the clubhouse noticeboard, which was how it used to work.”

Thank you Tony for sharing your experience. We will do our best to make Teamup even better, and as you suggested, make it easier to find on search engines when people search for “court booking”.