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How to Manage Multiple Master Calendars

When you create a Teamup Calendar, what you create is a master calendar. Sub-calendars are individual calendars that are contained within your master calendar. You can...
3 min read

Access Your Teamup Calendar on Any Computer

Teamup Calendar is an online calendar which is accessed via a web browser. That means that no matter what type of computer you are...
2 min read

How to Securely Share a Calendar with the Public

Learn how to share a customized calendar link for group or public access to your Teamup Calendar or event. Sometimes, you need to share...
4 min read

What are event reminders?

Event reminders are notifications sent by email to remind you of an upcoming event. Event reminders are available only to users logged in with a...
36 sec read

What are iCalendar feeds?

Using iCalendar feeds, you can view other calendars in your Teamup Calendar (inbound) or view Teamup in other calendar services (outbound).
2 min read

How (and Why) to Use Advanced Access Permissions

Advanced access permissions give you more control over how users and groups can see and use your shared calendar. Fine-tune your calendar management.
4 min read

Getting Organized for Back-to-School with Teamup

Getting organized for back-to-school has never been easier. Teamup can help parents, students, and teachers plan and schedule everything.
6 min read

How to Create and Customize Repeating Events

Create and customize repeating events in your Teamup calendar. There are many options to make recurring events as useful as possible.
4 min read

New: Teamup User Accounts

The Teamup team is pleased to bring you an exciting development: user accounts. Anyone can create a Teamup user account. User accounts are optional;...
2 min read

Scheduling Service Calls and Inspections with a Teamup Calendar

Scheduling service calls is often a combination of fixed and variable events, with different recurrence schedules and with multiple people involved. Teamup can keep...
4 min read

What’s the difference between “exit” and “logout”?

Exit and Logout are similar terms which refer to different parts of your Teamup experience. Exit removes you from a calendar; Logout removes you from...
1 min read

What is the calendar dashboard?

Your calendar dashboard remembers all your calendars for you and is accessible from any browser. It's available with a free Teamup user account.
46 sec read

What are user accounts?

Teamup user accounts are a way to access all your Teamup calendars in one place and to set and manage event reminders.
36 sec read

How One Company Manages A Changing Staff Schedule with Teamup

This Teamup user handles a variable staff schedule for over 100 relief pharmacists, working at pharmacies all over Canada, with Teamup.
2 min read

3 Scenarios that Show How to Be a More Efficient Team Leader

Be a more efficient team leader with streamlined communication and better workflow. These scenarios will give you some great ideas.
4 min read