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Streamline Your Event Workflow for Better Schedule Management

Use Teamup calendar to simplify and improve your event workflow, for schedule management that's easier and more helpful for everyone. Here's how.
4 min read

A Free and Easy Way to Plan Family Reunions and Summer Holidays

With Teamup Calendar, you can easily plan family reunions and summer holidays. Organize the schedule, share plans, and get everyone involved. Here's how.
4 min read

How to Use Teamup to Plan and Execute Better Corporate Events

Teamup is great as a shared calendar and team collaboration tool that can help you plan, coordinate, and execute a successful corporate event, whether...
3 min read

How to Set Default Calendar on Mobile for New Events

Tap the eye icon on the desired sub-calendar, to show this calendar only. Then, when you add a new event, that sub-calendar will be...
20 sec read

Update a Calendar Link to Include a New Sub-Calendar

If you are a calendar administrator, you might add a new sub-calendar after your initial setup of the calendar. For example, when a new...
1 min read

Hannover Re Used Teamup to Enable Team Collaboration and Open Sessions

Over 50 participants were able to use a Teamup calendar to individually schedule open space sessions at an event; increased team collaboration was easy...
4 min read

How to Easily Share a Calendar Event on Social Media

To share a calendar event on social media, simply choose the social media option you prefer from the Sharing menu in Teamup. It's really...
2 min read

Create a Password-Protected Calendar

Want to keep your schedule protected? Add an extra layer of security to any Teamup calendar link by making it a password-protected calendar. Here's...
37 sec read

Customize Recurring Events

With Teamup, you can choose from many options to set up recurring events. Customize the recurring events on your calendar so they work for...
30 sec read

Use Signups on an Event

Enable signups on an event to predict participation, encourage attendance, and get a headcount before the event. You can also set a maximum number...
39 sec read

Embed a Calendar on a Website

When you embed a calendar on a website, you make it easy for others to see your schedule, availability, programs, and more. With Teamup,...
45 sec read

Using Calendar Link Parameters for a More Customized Calendar

Create a customized calendar for yourself or someone on your team with link parameter; no need to change the global settings.
3 min read

What are calendar views?

Take advantage of all of Teamup's unique calendar views to see your schedule in the way that works best for you. Customize your calendar...
37 sec read

What is an administrator link?

An administrator link is the key to your master calendar; it allows access to your calendar settings, and should be kept secure.
50 sec read

What’s the difference between a master calendar and sub-calendars?

Sub-calendars are individual calendars that are contained within your master calendar. You can create and organize multiple sub-calendars.
1 min read