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Create Events in a Time Zone Local to the Event, But Not Local to Event Creator

All event times on display (in event viewer or editor or event page)are relative to the time zone displayed in the time zone indicator...
1 min read

When a Feature Change Isn’t Better for Everyone

A case of how the Teamup team listened and responded to customer feedback on a new product feature

1 min read

New look for events assigned to multiple calendars

When an event is assigned to multiple calendars, the event is now displayed in color stripes with the colors of the assigned calendars. ...
39 sec read

University Room Reservation Simplified

How the Jazz Department at Bern University of Arts Make Use of Teamup. Der Studienbereich Jazz der Hochschule der Künste Bern verwaltet insgesamt 33 Räume...
12 sec read

Moffat’s Service Technicians Double Productivity with Teamup

This is a case story submitted by David Brown, Service Manager, at Moffat, Australia. About Moffat The Moffat group designs, develops, manufactures and markets a comprehensive...
48 sec read

New Event Editor and Viewer!

Exciting news: We have re-built the event editor and event viewer with a new technology and a completely new interface! They are responsive and...
1 min read

Free Printable 2017 Blank Calendars & Planners

How exciting it is to have a whole new year in front of us again! New start, new hope, new plans! Come to...
30 sec read

iOS App supports location maps & image upload

A new version of Teamup Calendar App for iOS is available. It supports linking event location to Google Maps, and uploading images from camera...
51 sec read

New Slack Integration with the Slack button

Getting Teamup notifications on Slack channels just got easier! No more webhooks. Now just a button to click! Introducing the new...
41 sec read

Teamup for Android 2.0: Day/week/month views are now available

Exciting news for Teamup Android users: You can now see your calendar in the day view, week view, or month view in addition...
29 sec read

Five tips to plan your way to a stress free Christmas

While Andy Williams may have thought it was the most wonderful time of the year, for a lot of people Christmas causes no end...
1 min read

How Teamup Helps Small Business Owners Manage Teams and Simplify Operations

Teamup is a cloud-based calendar application built specifically for groups. Its flexibility makes it simple and easy to manage the running operation of a...
1 min read

How to Have All Your Calendars in One Place with No Fuss

With the new inbound iCalendar feeds, it is now possible to make Teamup your go-to calendar to view all your schedules and plans in...
1 min read

Using Trello with Teamup Calendar

If you are a Teamup Calendar administrator and you use Trello, you can integrate any of your Trello boards' calendars with Teamup Calendar, so...
1 min read

Android App Now Supports Image Uploading

Good news for users of our Android app: The latest version now supports image uploading directly from your mobile device. If your calendar has...
33 sec read