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How to Use Teamup to Manage and Market Community Events

How to delegate tasks, set deadlines, and track progress with a diverse group of volunteers
3 min read

Teamup Calendar — Review by NewsWatch

Being able to operate as a group is paramount to getting work done. Most people have tried Google or Outlook calendars, but they’re just not...
5 sec read

How Teamup Makes It Easy to Manage Family Life

How to use sub-calendars and custom permissions to simplify scheduling, school, food, and finances for your family.
3 min read

A Good Example of Customizing Event Fields for Better Event Communication

Make it clear that an event takes place in a known place, here is the address of that place and the map to help...
23 sec read

How a Counseling Group Makes Use of Teamup for Room Scheduling

Start small, grow along. A user story of how a group of therapists uses Teamup to handle multiple rooms with different availability. Group Profile Transformations...
48 sec read

Long Term Planning with Year or Multi-month View

Being able to have a whole year plan at a glance is very helpful to many organizations. Teamup offers a unique year view that...
29 sec read

New in Teamup Mobile Apps: Creating repeating events

The latest updates, version 1.3.0 for the Android app and version 2.4.11 for the iOS app, allow you to create repeating events right in the app....
32 sec read

New Year, New Inspiration!

If you don't use the year view in your daily use of Teamup Calendar, it's time to click the Year tab in the top...
29 sec read

Check out the latest newsletter if you missed it

Teamup continues to deliver product features that make life easier for groups. This edition shares a set of unique features that are still in...
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Exciting beta feature: Event Fields Now Customizable

Event fields on Teamup are now customizable: Rename the built-in fields like Who and Where, add new custom fields, or reorder fields. Still...
34 sec read

7 of the Best Shared Calendar Apps for Scheduling Online

A calendar is an incredibly important tool for any small business owner, freelancer, or entrepreneur. A well organised calendar is crucial for knowing where...
7 sec read

Beta Feature: Add Comments to Events

We have delivered a new feature: Now you can add comments to specific events. It is available to all users. An event creator can...
1 min read

iOS and Android apps: Recent updates

If you haven't updated to the latest versions of the iOS (v. 2.2.22) or Android (v. 1.2.65) apps, please do so on the App...
19 sec read

Options for sharing events now configurable

Each event on a Teamup Calendar can be shared via the Share menu which is now configurable by the calendar administrator.  Any single event...
23 sec read

Case Study: City of Dublin Park Reservations

To manage the multitude of events, programs and rentals in the parks, the City of Dublin needed an online calendar that could give city...
0 sec read