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What You Can Do to Better Protect Your Calendar Data

Data protection is more important than ever; take these steps to keep your calendar secure.
2 min read

How to Reduce Your Time on Email and Message Threads

Back-and-forth conversation threads are inefficient and a huge source of frustration. Here’s a better method.
3 min read

How to End Spreadsheet Frustration with an Easy Calendar System

How to simplify complex scheduling and make collaboration hassle-free.
3 min read

How to Let Others View Your Calendar Using iCalendar Feeds

Outbound iCal feeds from your Teamup calendar let others view your schedule on their calendar app of choice.
4 min read

Share Your Calendar Securely with Customized Calendar Links

Use Teamup’s unique calendar links to provide access to your calendar with limitations you choose.
3 min read

Delegate Tasks and Scheduling with a Shared Calendar

Use sub-calendars and signups to delegate tasks and allow individuals to schedule their availability.
3 min read

What You Need to Know About Your Administrator Link

Your administrator link is the key that gives you complete control over your calendar; keep it safe and use it wisely.
2 min read

Organize and Coordinate a Complex Conference Schedule

Keep a comprehensive overview; sort the schedule by multiple categories; and control and update shared information.
4 min read

How to Use Teamup as an Idea Calendar for All Your Content

Ideas keep the content machine working; a streamlined idea system makes it so much easier.
5 min read

How to Display Inline Images on Teamup Mobile Apps

On both iOS and Android apps, this premium feature allows you to upload an image and display it inline. If you’re on the Premium plan,...
29 sec read

Three Exciting Updates for Teamup Mobile Apps

Set a max number on signups, display uploaded images inline, and keep track of your connectivity on iOS and Android.
25 sec read

Using Event Signup in Teamup Mobile Apps

On iOS and Android mobile apps, you can enable signups on an event, set a maximum number, and more.
1 min read

How to Consolidate Multiple Calendar Feeds into a Single View

Pull information from many calendar silos into one, comprehensive overview.
2 min read

Make the Most of Your Morning: Build a Routine You Love

Your day depends on your morning, and your morning depends on your routine.
4 min read

How a Tennis Club Runs a Totally Decentralised Booking System

Using Teamup to handle tennis courts reservations and general availability.
51 sec read