How Motorsport Australia Shares 3000+ Member Events

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Motorsport Australia is a not-for-profit member-based organisation focused on the development, regulation and administration of motorsport across Australia. They use a Teamup calendar to display and manage events on their website, and it is a very busy calendar! There are more than 3000 Motorsport Australia permitted events held every year.

Organizing thousands of member events

The first challenge: getting hundreds of events, organized by 200+ local clubs, collected in one place. Before using Teamup, the typical process was labor-heavy, and required frequent manual updates:

  1. Local club coordinators would email their event details to the state-level administrators.
  2. State-level admins would then aggregate all events on spreadsheets.
  3. Event changes and new information had to be communicated (mostly by email) and the spreadsheets manually updated.
  4. Sharing approved events across all states was primarily through PDF documents attached to email sent to club coordinators.

A streamlined solution

To create a single calendar for all member events, Motorsport Australia moved to Teamup and created individual sub-calendars for each club, organized into regions: each state has a set of regional club sub-calendars contained in a folder. There is also a separate sub-calendar for national events.

Local club coordinators were given calendar access, with customized permissions so they could submit and update their planned events on their own club calendar long before the season starts. They can also view all regional club calendars but can not change events of other clubs.

However, before the club coordinators can input the events they organize and view all events organized by other clubs, the state administrator, who acts as the calendar administrator, must set up the calendar optimally to ensure smooth operation. While adding sub-calendars and creating customized access on a Teamup calendar is relatively easy one-time task in most cases, doing the same in the scale of hundreds for sub-calendars and links with customized access permissions at once can be tedious and error prone. Here comes Teamup’s less known but powerful bulk import of sub-calendars and links via .csv files. It made the process fast and painless, eliminating lots of unattractive manual keystrokes and stress.

Sharing member events by region

Members can access the entire embedded calendar on the Motorsport Australia website to find information for any of the events across all states.

A busy calendar with thousands of member events across Australia

Since there are so many events across all the clubs, it’s important that people can focus on the region they’re interested in to find relevant events.

Separating member events into state calendars

Since the calendar is busy and each state has many sub-calendars, it can be a little overwhelming.

To make it easier for members to find events, there is a separate calendar view for each state, created with a customized link. The customized link includes only the sub-calendars for that particular state. Members can use a shortcut on the main events page to see the events calendar by state:


Shortcuts to access the embedded, customized calendar link for each state.

Now, if a member clicks on the shortcut for the State they wish to view, they will see a customized calendar view, showing only the regional sub-calendars for that state. Here’s an example:

The Victoria calendar for Motorsport Australia.

Filtering for specific sub-calendar

With over 100 sub-calendars color-coding events by regions and clubs on the main calendar, you may ask how you can quickly see only the events in certain regions or clubs. Here’s a quick tip: Use the smart filter above the sub-calendar list to show only sub-calendars you may want to see and only the events on those sub-calendars will remain on your screen! All the events that are not on those sub-calendars would instantly disappear in front of your eyes.

Filtering by sub-calendar makes it easy to quickly focus on certain regions or event types.

Members can also filter by keyword or by the ‘Event Level’ custom field. Here’s the Victoria calendar in List view, showing only events with the keyword “sprint”:

Members can filter events by keywords, by custom field ‘Event Level,’ and/or by sub-calendar.

With customized links for each State’s events, and built-in filters, it’s much easier for members to quickly find the events they’re looking for, even with thousands of events on the yearly calendar!

Always improving

Plus, the team is always learning, making small but helpful changes to their calendar like adding custom fields to make filtering easier. As this year’s season draws closer to the end, the preparation for the next year’s events is already shaping up nicely on a new calendar. Among the improvements are specific fields for “event level” and “event discipline” on the 2023 calendar.

“I’m really happy to have found that functionality, as it makes it easier to see which event is which. They have different administrative requirements and this will make it easy to use the filter for events.”

– Chantel Collins, State Administration and Participation Officer


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