June in Review: Hyperlinks in Text Fields for Mobile Apps, Inspiring User Stories

Teamup June Updates

Our team continued to work on many big and small product enhancements throughout the month of June. We were able to release a few small but useful features on both the mobile apps and the web version of Teamup. In the meantime, we keep learning from the constant feedback from our customers. It is very encouraging and motivating to know our work makes a difference for so many individuals and organizations of all sizes. We have also reflected on how we, the Teamup team, use the product we develop.

Product Updates

Teamup iOS App

The June release supports hyperlinks in text fields, including the default Who and Where fields as well as any custom text fields. Shown below is a workshop session on a conference agenda where the speaker bio is linked from the Speaker field, making it easy for attendees to find out more about the speaker at any time.

Teamup iOS app hyperlink in a text field

Teamup Android App

In June we made multiple releases with the Android app. Aside from several important bug fixes, the main new feature is that it now supports the folder structure for sub-calendars in the sidebar. Shown below is the sidebar with sub-calendars organized in folders:

Teamup Web

Resetting iCalendar feeds

Now users can reset iCalendar feeds when it is necessary to block previously shared feeds. It is a way to stop sharing the calendar via iCalendar feeds. Things to keep in mind:

  •  A single reset action will reset all feeds. It is not possible to reset only some of the feeds.
  • The reset functionality is not available if the calendar is accessed using anonymous links. However, the calendar admin can disable feeds for anonymous links by deleting the link and creating a new one.

To reset the feeds, login to your user account, go to Preferences from the drop down menu in the top right-hand corner, and select iCalendar feeds. Then you will find the Reset button on the bottom:

Reset iCalendar feeds in Preference > iCalendar feeds

Overview of Notifications and Reminder Subscriptions

If you are logged in to your Teamup account, you can now access this page from your user profile to get an overview of all email notifications including notifications for calendar changes and reminders. With this, all possible email notifications are now visible from one page. Here’s an example:

Overview of notification subscriptions now includes reminders

Stories and Inspiration

Teamup is not an ordinary calendar. People use Teamup to get the big picture of what’s going on for a team or a business as a whole. It is about planning, organizing, and tracking. It is about organizing people, jobs, resources, and processes, optimally and with continuity.

5 Ways the Teamup Team Uses Teamup Calendar

Have you ever wondered how we use Teamup? Or how we integrate work and life and having fun as a team? Well, we sure have some superusers who have built dozens or even hundreds of demo calendars in the context of customer support. That’s challenging sometimes but fun. And we use our calendar to organize our team meetups and hiking on the Swiss mountains! Here are 5 ways the Teamup team uses the calendar:

  1. Make team whereabouts easily visible on one page
  2. Keep meeting time and meeting notes together
  3. Organize team events
  4. Create a repository of user feedback highlights
  5. Visualize and merge calendars of app release from Trello boards
With Trello's Calendar Powerup enabled, we sync the calendar of release notes from each Trello board to our Teamup calendar as an inbound iCalendar feed. Share on X

What is particularly noteworthy is Trello users who have the calendar powerup enabled can merge their calendars from multiple Trello boards into a single calendar view on Teamup! Read more.

Stories from Teamup Champions

We are fortunate to be working on a product that is making a positive impact on so many people’s lives. We keep learning from the stories our users share with us. We are humbled by the creativity our customers have demonstrated in turning a highly flexible product into solutions to their daily needs. You can read more on our Wall of Love.


I have found the perfect app. I actually use this mostly on desktop and it has been the one application that keeps me the most organized. It’s a combination of the simple calendar layout + the surprising amount of simple yet useful functionality (adding images, color-coding, being able to easily copy or drag and drop, right-clicking to bring up more options). I know what’s coming up. I can make notes. I love it. And I will never stop using it. Calendars, people. Calendars are the secret!

Janelle McDonald:

JHM Academy is a busy music school.

The Teamup calendar allows me to have a complete visual of where and when our staff of 12 are at any time of the week.
The calendar makes it easy to make changes to the schedule which happen often and I am able to make notes along the way to help my management of the constant scheduling I am faced with.

For our business the main tool is the Calendar, and without the Teamup calendar life would be very much more difficult.

Federico Freda:

Our core business is related to managing the calendar and the jobs of fifteen technicians, with an approximate total of one hundred and fifty jobs per month. More than this, we also rent photo equipment on the sets we’re working on.We have a fifteen-person team for techs, and a five-person team divided between back office and equipment managers. I tried in the last few days your wonderful software, which would ease a lot of our workflow.

We’re currently basing our calendar on Apple iCal, but we’re feeling the need of having more info in the calendar, together with a more powerful tool to let our techs know details about the jobs.

We did a kind of beta test with two of our techs, and they’re both happy about how the app works.

Embedded Calendar Spotlight: Summer Concert Freebies

The story told by the creator of this calendar:

“Summer Concert Freebies is the place where you can find loads of information on free outdoor summer concerts throughout New Jersey.  Our calendar is extensive and is color-coded by area. You can use the search feature to search any key words. Our mission is to keep live music alive by helping you fill your summer days with free live music.”

A full web page is dedicated to display the embedded calendar:

There are many ways to view the calendar, and filter or share events as needed. Here are a few examples:

Check out a collection of screenshots to discover what’s possible.

Do you have an inspiring story to share? Let us know, and share the love! If you are a Teamup superuser or passionate about coding, and are looking for a new challenge, check out the opportunities to work with us!

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