March Feature Improvements

Here are the highlights of this month’s feature improvements:

Table View: Month and Custom date range

The table view is a powerful premium feature we have recently introduced. It opens up many new possibilities to make use of the event data on your Teamup calendar. We have now added the Month and Custom to the date range options, making it more flexible to meet your viewing needs

table view now supports month and customdate range

Tap to call phone numbers on the iOS app

While tap-to-call phone numbers have been supported on the Android app since a long time ago, it was not the case for the iOS app until now: Phone numbers included in the Description field are now displayed as active hyperlinks. You can click on such a phone number and select the call option from the pop-up.

call link on ios

Russian translation available now

Thanks to our wonderful translator Vicky Teamup is now available in Russian!

Teamup in Russian





How to Make Weekend Exceptions for Monthly Events

Drag any exception in the recurring event series to where it needs to be. Use the year view to easily see all exceptions one...
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How To Create an iCalendar Feed with Selected Sub-Calendars

Learn how to get the iCalendar feed URL to share with other calendar programs without sharing all events on your master calendar.
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