February Updates: New Live Demo, Teamup+Trello Integration

Teamup Monthly Updates Feburary 2021

February has gone by quickly. We dedicated the shortest month of the year to fix bugs and upgrade systems that improve our services, even though most of them do not directly affect the user experience of our customers. In the meantime, we have continued our effort to create more helpful documentation and make it easier for you to learn some of the newer features that you may have not yet discovered.

What’s new this month

Discover or Rediscover Teamup Features

New live demo

Teamup live demos have been one of the most helpful resources for our users to learn and find out whether Teamup is the right solution for what they need. To make it easier for everyone to discover or rediscover the newer features and enhancements, we’ve just created a new live demo calendar that you can simply launch-and-play.

Try now!

Pay special attention to the Timeline view and the new Table view. You can easily switch among the views in the top right corner of your calendar. Read more.


Zap of the month

Trello is a great tool to manage projects. However, when you need to schedule tasks on Trello cards or plan jobs within a period of time, you may feel limited with what you can do. Trello’s calendar Power-Up may be helpful to track your project deadlines but some of your jobs and ideas may not have clear deadlines. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could collect ideas on a Trello list and be able to drag and drop to schedule them on a calendar? Teamup’s Zapier integration makes this possible. You can get the best of both: Keep adding ideas or unscheduled tasks to a Trello list while automatically creating events on Teamup for each new card. The events on Teamup can be easily scheduled later or integrated into your workflow. Read more.

Zap of the Month: Create Teamup calendar events from new Trello cards

Improve Efficiency & Productivity with Teamup

Editorial workflow

If you work in marketing or content production, the way you manage your editorial workflow can make or break your content strategy. Modern creative teams are often a mix of in-house, agency and freelance professionals. So how do you keep track of your content production workflows, especially if you’re working with a distributed team? Lack of transparency between teams sees siloes forming between your creatives. Things get complicated very quickly when email, word documents, Slack groups and phone calls are part of the editorial production process. What if you had a single tool that could solve all these problems and provide an enduring historical record of your production efforts? A Workflow calendar lets you track the progress of each piece of content in the production workflow. Read more.

How to Improve Your Editorial Workflow

Keeping customers informed

It feels like the only thing we can count on lately is change. Chances are you’ve had to adapt to changing rules and regulations from a number of sources. If you’re working with the public, keeping your customers informed of changes in your organisation can be difficult.

So how do you let your network know about changes to schedules or new requirements for health and safety? And how can you do it in real time? Teamup can help with your customer communications in rapidly changing situations, especially if you’re running a small business or community center: Publish your latest schedule and announcements on a Teamup calendar, embed it into your website and keep your customers informed in real-time as changes happen. Read more.

Keeping Your Customers Informed When Things Are Uncertain

From the Teamup Admin Desk: Reminders

Subscription renewal

Since the introduction of our new billing system in late 2019, active subscription plans are defaulted to automatic renewal. If your business needs have changed and you do not wish to renew, please make sure to go to your calendar’s Settings > Subscription page and cancel your subscription before the expiration date. This will help minimize the chance of unintentional subscription renewal and save the extra effort of clarification and refund. Thank you for your cooperation.

VAT for EU customers

Teamup is now registered to collect VAT (Value Added Tax) from EU consumers and charities without registered VAT numbers. If your business has a registered VAT number, please make sure to add your VAT number to your billing details. Upon validation of the details, you will be qualified for a VAT reverse charge and no VAT will be charged. A calendar administrator can go to the calendar’s Settings > Subscription to update the billing details at any time. If you have any questions, please contact us at support@teamup.com.

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Get Inspired!

We are grateful to have the chance to be of service to millions of people. To those of you who have taken the time to write us kind words and share with us how Teamup has been helpful to you and your organization, we wholeheartedly say THANK YOU!

"One big plus for my needs which is not available on other products such as Google Calendar or Outlook is that the color of each sub-calendar stays the same regardless who views it." Thank you Alexander! #calendarcompared #teamupfeature #colorcoded #subcalendars pic.twitter.com/eCRtJVRl01

— teamupthanks (@teamupthanks) February 17, 2021

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