November Updates: UN Web TV shares its live schedule, spotlights on Teamup users from around the world

This is the season to be thankful, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not. Here at Teamup Calendar, we are grateful for the constant stream of feedback from our customers all around the world. This month we’re sharing the story of UN Web TV and more spotlights on our customers.

What’s new this month

Product Updates

Active URLs in text fields

Beta release: Active URLs are now supported in all other text input fields of an event, including the title field, who field, where field and custom fields of type single line text. It is currently available in read-only views of an event, in the event page and in notification and daily agenda emails. It is not yet available in the event edit view. URLs are automatically detected and turned into active links.

Active URL in a custom field for event sponsor

Share from event page to another Teamup Calendar

In September we introduced the option to share an event to another Teamup that you have the modify permission. This option is now also available on the event page independent of the original calendar. You would need to be logged in to your user account in order to use this. Your dashboard would be open and you can select the calendar that you want to share or save the event to.

New option to share or save the event to another Teamup calendar from the event page

UN Web TV embeds live schedule in multiple channels

UN Web TV embeds a Teamup-powered live schedule into their website, Facebook page, Microsoft Teams and sent as a daily mailing. Read the full story.

UN Web TV Live Schedule on Facebook page

New on Twitter: @teamupthanks

We are always humbled and grateful to receive encouragement and feedback from users around the world. It’s been hard to keep up with sharing the kind words! So we started @teamupthanks to say thank you back to our users.

"I wish I had found Teamup sooner as I had been looking for an app like yours for some years. Better late than never!" Thank you Stephen! #therightsolution #calendar

— teamupthanks (@teamupthanks) November 22, 2020

Who uses Teamup?

Teamup users are diverse groups. They’re from all around the globe. Among them are thinkers and doers, learners and leaders, organizers and teachers, designers and makers. We are so thankful for the opportunity to be of service and for the feedback that keeps us motivated to do our best to make life easier. Here are a few highlights we’d like to share.

Teachers, makers, and service providers

From coding software to creating a great product, teaching students, or providing excellent service, Teamup users are makers, doers, and thinkers. They share their knowledge in many ways and work creatively.

"We have been using the calendar to provide links and details for online classes so that our students can look through and access the ones relevant to them. It has made life 10 times easier than sending individual links out by email…" Thanks Bobbi! #teamup4scheduling #schools

— teamupthanks (@teamupthanks) November 18, 2020

Many Teamup calendars now book online sessions, tutoring events, and workshops, helping staff, students, and workers stay organized and making communication easier.

"We are trying to devise a calendar system to show all of the communications across campus … After experimenting with your free version we think Teamup could be a very useful solution." Thanks Brian! #campuscalendar #keepuptodate #COVID19

— teamupthanks (@teamupthanks) November 22, 2020

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Event managers and conference organizers

Many Teamup calendars are used for hosting, organizing, and promoting virtual events. Since virtual events are a big part of everyone’s life now, more and more of our users are finding Teamup helpful for online meetings, workshops, and more.

"My work often involves virtual events like workshops, summits, and conferences that last days or even weeks, where there is an element of self-organizing involved, and yours is the best software I have found for supporting that." Thank you Ben! #virtualevents #Conference

— teamupthanks (@teamupthanks) October 24, 2020

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I’ve been using Teamup to organise a couple of virtual conference programs – a nice thing about it is that it automatically adjusts to the local timezone of users, and because virtual conferences happen across multiple timezones this has made it much easier for people as they don’t need to do any timezone calculations for themselves.”

Community organizers and volunteers

It’s a good thing to remind ourselves that, all over the world, people are ready and willing to help each other. We are thrilled when Teamup can be part of good work, non-profit organizations, and community initiatives.

"Thank you, you have a great product and I do use it in another volunteer group that I work with, and it works very well." Thank you Anne! #volunteering #calendar

— teamupthanks (@teamupthanks) November 21, 2020

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Researchers and team leaders

Scientific research teams–both on the field and in the lab–use Teamup to stay coordinated. Recently, as research teams at many universities and institutes are re-opening their research labs with safety guidelines, Teamup has been a tool for booking shared space and equipment.

"We really like how Teamup can display multiple shared calendars on one main calendar interface, as it seems to be a great fit for our situation of needing to coordinate shifts for many lab members across several lab spaces." Thank you Soma! #shifts #Teamup4managingavailability

— teamupthanks (@teamupthanks) November 7, 2020

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I think your calendar and your support are simply awesome and the calendar is exactly the right one for us. It would be nice if there were more companies like you.

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