February Updates: News & Tips in notification emails, free event pages

February flew by in a hurry–even with that extra day! In this month’s news, learn how to use markdown on mobile for text formatting, handle software challenges, create free event pages to share and promote events, and more.

What’s new this month:

Product updates and news

News in notification emails

We’ve added a small but helpful improvement to our notification emails: there’s now a section with the latest from Teamup. Easily stay updated on quick tips, helpful news, and more. You’ll find this new “News” section in the footer of notification emails from your Teamup calendar.

Slovenian language support

We’re happy to announce that with the help of a user from Slovenia, we have just added Slovenian as our 21st language on Teamup.

You can see all the language options in your calendar on a browser. Click the blue menu button in the top right, then select Languages:

Teamup supports 21 languages
Go to the blue menu > Language to choose from the full list of supported languages for Teamup calendar.

More reliable email delivery

In the recent months many users have reported that they didn’t receive the email they expected, such as the activation email for new user account registration, password reset email, account user access invitation email, notification email for calendar event changes, etc. We have identified some sources of the problem and improved the reliability for the email delivery. Our monitoring shows that the number of undeliverable emails is significantly reduced. If you continue to experience repeated missing email, please contact our support.

I have to say, I am a big fan of your product. I’ve been doing calendars for multiple employees for industry-wide conventions for longer than I like to admit and your product has made an onerous task much easier to handle. Thank you.

User Story: Bike Schedule with Teamup

Customized calendar views make Teamup perfect for this bike club
Manage a busy bike schedule or any group or hobby with a Teamup calendar
The Evanston Bike Club has more than 500 members. Every day but Monday EBC coordinates rides leaving from Evanston or Wilmette, week in and week out. They offer rides in a broad range of paces and distances. Creating a bike club schedule for an active club with lots of rides was a challenge. Teamup’s customized calendar views, mobile apps, filters, and custom event fields make a ride calendar easy to create and manage.

As I said before everything else has been fabulous with the Teamup calendar, it’s very user friendly!

Easy and free event promotion

A fun example of event page design
A great event page design

Managing or promoting an event? You can use Teamup to create a free event page. Whether it’s for a community, family, or business event, you can include all the details, images, and more in your event page design.

The event landing page will automatically update if you update the calendar event, so everyone gets the latest information. Plus it’s easy to share on social media, with a group, or via messaging. Add event comments to answer questions, and use event signup to plan for the right number of people and capture participant contact info.

I just want to thank you for your input and valuable help in setting this up and trying to get it operational.

Handling software challenges

A better project management software with a project timeline
From spreadsheet template to a colorful, secure, and centrally managed Teamup calendar.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to choosing and using software. This month, we tackled a few big challenges on the Teamup blog:

  • How to choose the best calendar software
    • Check out these 5 keys for choosing the right calendar software. It isn’t a matter of one-size-fits-all. Know what you need, how you will use the calendar, and which features matter; then you can make the best choice for your purposes.
  • Managing version control issues
    • A common issue with some software (such as spreadsheet planning) is version control. When you’re collaborating on something, version control is very important. You need to ensure that everyone involved is referencing and using the most updated version of the information.
  • A different approach to project management software
    • Can a calendar function as a reliable, flexible option for project management software? We think so. Take a look at how you can set up a project management timeline with an interactive, secure, easily managed Teamup calendar.

Thank you, you have a great product and I do use it in another volunteer group that I work with, and it works very well.

Using Teamup as a free service

Teamup is a free calendar service that will rock your world.
A free, powerful, flexible, feature-packed calendar service? Yes!

By far, most Teamup users are on our free plan: no cost for a flexible, powerful calendar service. Teamup also offers a free calendar app for iOS and Android. We’re happy to provide a free service that helps people to work efficiently and do more of what they love.

You can use Teamup calendar for free, for as long as you need. The free version is not a trial period but an entirely free service. Learn all about exactly what you get from our free calendar service.

Are you already using Teamup? Who could benefit from a free Teamup calendar? Feel free to share the blog post below with your network and friends:

I wish I had found Teamup sooner as I had been looking for an app like yours for some years. Better late than never!

Markdown formatting on mobile apps

Use markdown on mobile teamup calendar apps
Use simple markdown formatting on Teamup mobile apps

Did you know that you can use Markdown to format text on the Teamup mobile apps?

On the web browser, there is a WYSIWYG editor for text in the description field, with text formatting options in the menu bar.

On the mobile apps, the description field supports the Markdown syntax. Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain-text-formatting syntax. It’s easy to use when you want to format text in the event description.

🔗 Edit Description Field on Mobile with Markdown

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