October Updates from Teamup

As we focus on the last quarter of the year, it’s a time of meeting goals, cleaning out the old, and focusing on the connections and priorities that we value most. Here’s the latest from Teamup.

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Product updates and news

User accounts linked with notifications

We’re made a recent update to how notifications work, linking them with user accounts for greater security.

There are several types of notifications available for Teamup calendars, including email notifications (discussed here), daily agenda emailsSlack notifications, and event reminders. With this update, to subscribe to or modify a notification, you must be logged in to your Teamup user account.

You can still receive notifications without a user account if a calendar administrator has set up a notification subscription for you. This article explains how account users can work with email notifications.

🔗 Learn more: How to Use Teamup Email Notifications

New billing system

We’re rolling out a new billing system which enables automatic payments – no more manual renewals needed! All calendars created from September 2019 onward have the new billing system, and it is being rolled out in stages to all users.

The new billing system

The new billing system shows our four subscription levels with monthly or yearly billing. Any subscription will renew automatically, whether monthly or yearly. You can, of course, downgrade, upgrade, or cancel anytime.

🔗 Details: Upgrade and Downgrade Subscription Plan in the New Billing System

If you’re still on the old billing system, don’t worry: all calendars are being migrated to the new system. In the meantime, if you have questions about upgrading, downgrading, or managing your billing, see this article for help.

On the blog

Efficiency is for everyone

Efficiency helps us all focus on what we value most.

Becoming efficient often has a wider application than we think. Lately, we’re exploring how being more efficient can improve the quality of our lives by reducing waste (both tangible and intangible) and freeing up more resources for what matters to us. It all starts with knowing what matters and considering the impact each area has on your life. Then you can decide what to improve, what to streamline, and what to release.

🔗 Read on: Why Efficiency Matters for Everyone and 3 Important Areas for Improving Efficiency

Use Teamup to make the most of trade shows

Teamup calendar helps you manage your team’s trade show schedule.

If you’re supervising a team attending a trade show, you want to make sure that each team member is using their time wisely and making the most of opportunities. You also want to avoid scheduling mistakes like double-booking, missing an important session, or having multiple team members book a meeting with the same contact.

You can use a shared Teamup calendar to coordinate your team’s schedule when attending trade shows. Give autonomy so each team member can take charge of their own schedule–and so all those scheduling decisions don’t fall on your shoulders– but keep a central overview to avoid errors, misses, and mistakes.

🔗 Learn more: How to Use Teamup to Coordinate Teams for Trade Shows

The WINConference app, powered by Teamup

WIN app demoThe Global WINConference is a world-class leadership learning extravaganza; the 2019 WINConference was recently held in Athens, Greece. Teamup proudly sponsored the WIN conference app to keep organizers and attendees informed, updated, and connected. It worked with great success and demonstrated tremendous value to the conference experience.

The goal was to put the conference schedule and information into the hands of the attendees, in a way that was easy to use, accessible, and convenient.

“Great app. Easy to navigate and use. Loved the functionality available to capture participants at the workshop.”


Attendees could access the schedule and all session and speaker information with only their phones. They could easily plan their next block of time, or entire day, without opening a laptop or pulling out a booklet.

For the conference organizers, one of the benefits is that all the information on the schedule could be managed centrally, from any web browser. This means no special software was required to view or manage the information. Adding information, updating location or session details, or correcting errors could be done quickly and easily.

🔗 Find out more: Teamup for WINConference –  How and Why It Worked So Well

From our users

“We’ve been using a team up calendar to allow residents in our residential community to book our shared clubhouse for the last year (which has been a huge improvement from the manual task of maintaining a physical diary!)”

We get feedback and reviews, insights and ideas everyday from the global family of Teamup users. We’ve collected many of these on our Wall of Love, and we add new feedback all the time.

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