Customize the About Box for Your Needs

Did you know that you can customize the About box with the information and links that are helpful for you and your team?

The About box is a small informational section. In a web browser, it appears on the control panel of your Teamup Calendar (below the sub-calendar list and the filters).

Customize the About box with info and links as needed

You can edit the default message in the About box. Change it to the information that’s helpful for your calendar users: instructions, reminders, contact information, website links, or other notes that are frequently needed in the calendar.

To edit the About box on your Teamup Calendar, open the calendar with your administrator link. Go to Settings > General Settings and scroll down to the About Box section:

Customize the contents of the About box on your Teamup calendar

You can choose to turn off the About Box entirely by checking the No option. Or you can keep it visible and customize the contents. Set the title you want, the click the Edit button to change the contents of the About Box. When you click on Edit, you will be able to use a text editor for basic formatting options and hyperlinks. You can also paste in emojis or special characters.

You can copy and paste anything from the About Box into calendar events easily, so if you frequently use the same block of text, number sequence, or special characters you can place them in the About Box for easy access.

If you share the calendar with individuals, team members, or groups, you can use the About Box for instructions, reminders, or specific details about using the calendar.

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