Access Your Teamup Calendar on Any Computer

Teamup Calendar is an online calendar which is accessed via a web browser.

That means that no matter what type of computer you are using–laptop or desktop, Windows or Mac or Linux–you can access your Teamup Calendar on your computer. All you need is an up-to-date web browser or one of Teamup’s mobile apps.

To open your calendar in the browser on a computer, you need your calendar link.

If someone else created the calendar and shared it with you, you have a unique calendar link to use for accessing the calendar. If you created the Teamup Calendar, you have an administrator calendar link.

Find your calendar’s link:

  • Email: When you first created your Teamup Calendar, you would have received an email with the calendar’s administrator link in it. On your computer, search your email inbox for an email with the subject line of “[Teamup Support] Your new calendar.” Open the email and click on the administrator link inside. Your calendar will open in your browser. Bookmark the link to access your calendar anytime on your computer.
  • Mobile App: Open your calendar dashboard in your app (from the left side panel) and click the three dots next to your calendar listing. Copy the link and send it to your computer, via messaging, shared notes, or email, for example. See here for an article demonstrating the dashboard in the Android app and here in the iOS app. Then click on the link from your computer to open your calendar in a browser.
  • Calendar Link Recovery Tool: If you cannot locate your administrator link in your email or in the mobile app, use our Calendar Link Recovery Tool to retrieve your calendar link.

If you cannot find your calendar link, get in touch with the person who created the calendar and ask for a new calendar link. Anyone with administrator access can go into the calendar settings and create a new, unique calendar link so that you can access the calendar.

Access your Teamup Calendar in your browser

Once you have your calendar link, type it into the address bar of the browser you wish to use. Or you can copy and paste it into your browser’s address bar. Your Teamup Calendar will open. If the calendar link you are using is password-protected, you will be prompted to enter your password before the calendar opens.

You can bookmark your calendar link in your browser for easy access in the future. You can also add calendar shortcuts to your desktop: here’s how.

Alternately, you can create a user account so that you can add all your calendar links to a calendar dashboard for easy access from any browser.

Access your Teamup Calendar on mobile devices

You can also access your Teamup Calendar on mobile devices, either by using a mobile browser or our iOS app or Android app.

To open your Teamup Calendar on a mobile browser on an iOS device or an Android device, use your unique calendar link that has been sent to you and is accessible on your device. This could be a link in an email or a text messaging app on your device. Click on that calendar URL and open it using your mobile browser. Alternately, you can type the calendar link directly into the address bar of your mobile browser (which could be Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge or another mobile browser).

To use the Teamup mobile apps, download the app for iOS or for Android. Open the app, and type in (or copy and paste) your unique calendar link. See more about using the mobile apps here.

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