Feature Update: Signup for a Single Instance of a Recurring Event

Event signup with max limit

We’re excited to bring you a great update to the very useful Signups feature. In the past, using signup on a recurring event would sign you up on all instances of the event. Now, with this update, you can signup for only one instance at a time.

Here’s how it works.

Create the recurring event as usual. Then, in the event editor, choose Options > Signup.

On the Event Signup window, enable Signups. The signup deadline for each instance of the event will have the same pattern as the first instance, e.g. one day before the event date.

If desired, set a maximum number for signups. This maximum number will apply to each instance of the recurring event. For example, if you set the maximum number to 4, each instance of the event can have 4 signups.

You can use event signups for a single instance of a recurring event.
Event signups allow you to signup for a single instance of a recurring event.

Remember that you can set Signups to be visible to All users or only to Users with modify permissions. If you set visibility to All users, then you can use a read-only link to share the event, and people will be able to signup from that calendar link. When you save the event, after enabling Signups, you’ll be prompted to choose if the changes apply to all events in the series.

Here’s the first instance of a recurring event:

Update signups for a single instance of a recurring event.
The event shows 2/5 signups, the number of signups for this instance of the recurring event.

And here’s the second instance of a recurring event:

Use signups on a single instance of a recurring event.
This instance of the recurring event as 3 signups.

If you want each instance of an event to have a different maximum number of signups, you can adjust it on each event; simply open the event instance you wish to modify, go to Options > Signups, make the desired change to the maximum number of signups, and click Done.

When you Save the event, and are prompted, choose to have your changes “Apply to this event only” rather than to every event in the series.

You can modify the Signups for each instance of an event.
Choose the top option to have Signup changes apply only to that event instance.

With this update, you have much more control over how to use signups with recurring events. Signups work on Teamup mobile apps, too! We hope you’ll find this helpful and that it makes your Teamup calendar even more useful in your work and life. For more about using signups, see this post.


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