Use a Slack Command to Display List of Calendar Events

If you want to quickly see a list of calendar events for a day while you are in Slack, use this tip. You’ll get a list similar to viewing your calendar in Agenda view, but without leaving the Slack application.

Once you have installed a Slack integration, you can enter a Slack command to display a list of events:

  • Type the command /teamup-events to list all of the current day’s events on the calendar you have integrated into the Slack channel.
  • Type the command /teamup-events tomorrow to list all calendar events for the next day.
Use a Slack command to see the day's events as a list.
Use a Slack command to see the events for today or tomorrow listed.

Each event listed with this Slack command will include the title of the event itself, the date and time it is scheduled, and the calendar it belongs to.

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