Print a Calendar

You can print your calendar, with or without events, easily by choosing the view and then the Print option.

Print a Calendar

A calendar with selected events and the menu for printing.
Select the events you want and the calendar view, then choose Print.

To print a calendar, select the sub-calendars you want to include. Then select the calendar view you want to print (weekly, monthly, etc.). From the menu button in the top right, choose Print. You’ll be able to set print options, including whether to include the sidebar, print in color or black-and-white, and paper orientation. Print or download as a PDF to share via email or print later. Read more about printing a Teamup calendar.

Multi-Year, Long-Term Planning at a Glance

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Create Time-Specific Events

Create time-specific events easily by clicking and dragging over the desired hours in the Day or Week view.
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Create All-Day or Multi-Day Events

Click or click and drag across the desired hours or days, then release to open the event editor.
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