Calendar administrator gets more control over email notifications

notifications management

Update, March 2019: We’ve added lots of features and made significant improvements and updates since this announcement. Read the latest on our blog, check our monthly updates, or create your own free calendar to find out what Teamup can do for you!

Teamup email notifications service provides a way for the calendar users to be notified by email when changes occur on the calendar.  Until recently, the calendar administrator could only enable or disable the option for all users without the ability to limit the option to certain users only, nor was it possible for the calendar administrator to review who has subscribed to the calendar notifications.

Good news for all calendar administrators:  Check out the new notification management in Settings.  Now you have much more control over who needs to receive notifications and who does not.  You have the ability to see who has subscribed to email notifications from which links and, if necessary, subscribe or unsubscribe users.

The new notifications management setting is also the place to set up a Slack integration that sends notifications to your Slack channel when changes occur on your Teamup Calendar. Read more.

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