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Teamup mobile app for iOS

Teamup’s mobile apps for iOS and Android have come a long way. Read more about Teamup mobile apps here.

Download Teamup app for iPhone

The long-awaited Teamup mobile app for iOS is now available in the App Store for download.  While it is the same Teamup Calendar you use on your desktop computer, the iOS version has a number of unique touch points that can be used to your advantage.  We will share two tips here that may help you get around the App quickly and make the best use of it: Offline access to Teamup and why you should refresh often.


Teamup Calendar for iPhone - offline mode1. Offline Access.
The web version of Teamup Calendar can only be accessed when you are connected to the Internet. The mobile app, on the other hand, will allow you to view your calendar even you are offline. You can even add new events while offline. When you tap Save, it will be saved locally but not to the server. A yellow ribbon appears on the top of the event view.  If you return to the list view, you will see a little yellow icon to the right end of the entry.  Both yellow signs indicate that it has not been synchronized with the server. Once you re-connect to the Internet, the entry will be synchronized to the server and the yellow sign will disappear.

Refresh button iOS2.  Refresh.  Having the latest version of your calendar on display is essential to ensure information accuracy and avoid unnecessary conflicts or misunderstanding.  Every time you open the app, it will fetch the latest version from the server.  Unlike the Web version of Teamup, the mobile iOS version will regularly refresh automatically.  However, between the auto-refreshes, as you navigate between dates or views locally on your phone, other users of the calendar may have been updating the calendar on the Web or from other mobile devices.   If you have been editing an entry but lost the Internet connection, like when you are riding through a tunnel in a train, your changes may have been only saved locally.  Tapping to refresh will synchronize the data on your phone with that on the server.  It is a good practice to hit the Refresh icon often whenever you have doubts or need to make sure that the calendar on your device is in sync with the one on the server.

More tips will be published here in Part II.

Download Teamup app for iPhoneIf you missed our recent Newsletter announcing the mobile app for iOS, check it out.

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