Allow User to Modify Own Calendar and Only View Other Calendars

A customer asked the following:

“I created a calendar for each employee and would like give them permission to edit their own calendar. However, I do not want them to be able to view the main calendar or view each others calendar.  Would Teamup allow me to achieve this?”

The answer is yes. With Teamup, you can grant calendar access via account-based user access or with a customized, shareable link. And in both cases, you can choose which sub-calendars can be accessed, and set the permission level for each sub-calendar.

So, to allow a user to be able to modify their own calendar, and only view the calendars of others, you would set the permission for that individuals calendar to Modify, and the permission for other included sub-calendars to Read-only. More about access permission levels here.

Now this individual will be able to add, change, and delete events from their own calendar, and able to view (but not modify) events on other sub-calendars.


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