How to Make Everyone View the Calendar in Local Time Zone

A user asked: “We will be sharing the calendar with people who live across the U.S.; how can we set the meeting time (in one time zone) to automatically integrate to their calendar when sharing in their own time zone?”

A Teamup Calendar can work very well in that kind of situation.  You do need to enable the automatic time zone conversion in Settings -> General Settings:


Now if you set up the meeting on your calendar in your time zone, and the others in other parts of the world are viewing their calendars in their local time zone, then it will show at the corresponding time.

So a meeting is set up at 10am by someone in Chicago, then it will show up as a meeting at 11am in New York for a person viewing the calendar in New York.

If that person is in Berlin, Germany, now but will be in New York at the meeting time, from his own calendar view he can choose the New York time zone to display the exact time of the event.  This can be done by selecting the expected time zone from the calendar view:

time zone display on Teamup

Give it a try if you work with teams across multiple time zones, or if you just travel often and need to convert it to your local time.

Read more on Time Zone handling with Teamup Calendar.

Work-Orders-in-a-Box: How to give your teams all the info they need to get their jobs done

I like to think of myself as creative, and I encourage my team at TeamUp to always be thinking of ways to make our tools more useful, more helpful, more genuinely necessary.

But…sometimes our customers are way ahead of us. Case in point: A number of building engineering services/construction companies are using TeamUp’s file uploading and event as a Web page features in ways we hadn’t even imagined.

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How to allow someone to modify his own calendar but view only those of others

Customize Teamup Calendar link permissions

A customer asked the following:

“I created a calendar for each employee and would like give them permission to edit their own calendar.  However, I do not want them to be able to view the main calendar or view each others calendar.  Would Teamup allow me to achieve this?”

The answer is yes:  Go to Settings, then Sharing.  Click on Create new link. Name the link with the person’s name for clarity and save. Click on edit next to the link and in the next screen check the option to share selected calendars only.


Then you can set the permissions accordingly.  See more details here.

Do you have similar needs?  What are your solutions?


Useful, Simple and Pleasant

Developing a modern software application is more than just engineering.  We strive to keep the balance between usefulness and pleasant user experience.  Following a major back-end systems upgrade last month, our team has just reached another milestone by releasing a new version of Teamup Calendar with a re-designed front interface.

If you have been using Teamup Calendar but have not seen the new look, simply reload the calendar in your browser.  In addition to the numerous subtle visual improvements, here are some of the changes that may make a difference to your use of the calendar:

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