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Quick Tip: View or Share Event as a Page

Quickly and easily view an event as a stand-alone webpage, then you can share it by sharing the URL.
21 sec read

Use the Yearly Calendar View

Use the Year calendar view to see the big picture for your planning.
19 sec read

Monthly vs Multi-Week Calendar View

Use the calendar view that works best for you: the multi-week view is a more flexible monthly viewing option.
24 sec read

Filter by Sub-Calendar and Keyword

In the Filter section, select a sub-calendar and enter a keyword and you'll see only events from the selected sub-calendar that contain the keyword.
29 sec read

Filter Events by Keyword

Put a keyword or keywords into the filter box to quickly see events that contain it.
27 sec read

Filter by Sub-Calendar with Text

Filter sub-calendars from the calendar list by typing in text that appears in the sub-calendar name.
27 sec read

Filter by Sub-Calendar

Use the filter box to select the sub-calendar you want to use as a filter, and the calendar will show only the events on...
28 sec read

How to Manage a Complex Schedule with Teamup

You can customize how you use your Teamup calendar so that managing a complex schedule is easier for you and your entire group. 
4 min read

From Frustration to Delight: Get Back in Control of Your Calendar

How Team Managers and Schedule Coordinators Can Use Teamup to End Calendar Frustration
2 min read

Show or Hide Sub-Calendars with a Click

To easily show events from only a single sub-calendar, click the eye icon on the right side of the sub-calendar.
26 sec read

Toggle All Events On or Off

With one click, you can turn all events off of view for a completely clean calendar. Another click, and they're back on.
29 sec read

See an All-Day Event In the Hour Grid

Sometimes you want to see an all-day event next to your scheduled events, not pinned to the top of the calendar.
1 min read

How to Simplify Property Management with a Teamup Calendar

Set up maintenance and cleaning tasks, share contracts, show availability, and stay organized easily.
5 min read

How to Use Teamup for Simple Appointment and Space Booking

Create open times, share with clients and partners, and allow them to schedule their own appointments.
2 min read

Track Your Connection Status and Refresh Your Data on Teamup Mobile Apps

On both iOS and Android apps, the new connectivity tracker tells your network status and when your data was last synchronized with the server.
44 sec read