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Upgrade, Downgrade, Renew, or Cancel Your Teamup Plan

Here’s how you can change the pricing plan you’re on for your Teamup Calendar. Change your Teamup plan level The Basic pricing plan of...
1 min read

You Can Now Export Signups for All Events

Teamup has always offered the ability to export the signups for a single event, from the event editor. Once there are signups on an...
33 sec read

How to Use Teamup as an Editorial Calendar

With Teamup, a shared editorial calendar makes creating content and working collaboratively more efficient for businesses, organizations, and publications. Content is more than a...
5 min read

Unsubscribe from Email Notifications

Teamup supports various types of notifications. Email notifications can keep you or your team members updated on changes and additions to your calendar. When...
1 min read

Using Teamup Calendar as an Aid to Caregiving

With Teamup, you can create a caregiving calendar that simplifies scheduling, medical notes, and keeping track of medications and more. Providing care for others...
4 min read

10 Best Practices for Shared Calendar Links

Here are Teamup’s best practices and tips for using and managing shared calendar links. Unique calendar links let you share your calendar while maintaining...
5 min read

What’s the difference between a calendar and a user account?

A Teamup Calendar and a user account are two different things. You can access calendars through a calendar link. Access a user account through...
3 min read

Show Emojis 😀 in Event Titles

Custom event fields give you great control over the contents of your calendar and the information you collect for each event. You can create...
49 sec read

What are custom event fields?

Event fields are fields on the event editor where you can include various types of information for the events on your Teamup Calendar. Each Teamup Calendar has...
1 min read

When to Add Separate Master Calendars (Instead of Using More Sub-Calendars)

When setting up calendars for multiple teams, departments, or uses, do you need more sub-calendars or separate master calendars? Consider these factors to make...
4 min read

How to Manage Multiple Master Calendars

When you create a Teamup Calendar, what you create is a master calendar. Sub-calendars are individual calendars that are contained within your master calendar. You can...
3 min read

Access Your Teamup Calendar on Any Computer

Teamup Calendar is an online calendar which is accessed via a web browser. That means that no matter what type of computer you are...
2 min read

How to Securely Share a Calendar with the Public

Learn how to share a customized calendar link for group or public access to your Teamup Calendar or event. Sometimes, you need to share...
4 min read

What are event reminders?

Event reminders are notifications sent by email to remind you of an upcoming event. Event reminders are available only to users logged in with a...
36 sec read

What are iCalendar feeds?

Using iCalendar feeds, you can view other calendars in your Teamup Calendar (inbound) or view Teamup in other calendar services (outbound).
2 min read