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Using Calendar Link Parameters for a More Customized Calendar

Create a customized calendar for yourself or someone on your team with link parameter; no need to change the global settings.
3 min read

What are calendar views?

Take advantage of all of Teamup's unique calendar views to see your schedule in the way that works best for you. Customize your calendar...
37 sec read

What is an administrator link?

An administrator link is the key to your master calendar; it allows access to your calendar settings, and should be kept secure.
50 sec read

What’s the difference between a master calendar and sub-calendars?

Sub-calendars are individual calendars that are contained within your master calendar. You can create and organize multiple sub-calendars.
1 min read

Multi-Year, Long-Term Planning at a Glance

To do long-term planning of more than 12 months at a time, use this quick trick to see 18 or 24 months into the...
42 sec read

Create Time-Specific Events

Create time-specific events easily by clicking and dragging over the desired hours in the Day or Week view.
14 sec read

Create All-Day or Multi-Day Events

Click or click and drag across the desired hours or days, then release to open the event editor.
15 sec read

Quick Tip: View or Share Event as a Page

Quickly and easily view an event as a stand-alone webpage, then you can share it by sharing the URL.
21 sec read

Use the Yearly Calendar View

Use the Year calendar view to see the big picture for your planning.
19 sec read

Monthly vs Multi-Week Calendar View

Use the calendar view that works best for you: the multi-week view is a more flexible monthly viewing option.
24 sec read

Filter by Sub-Calendar and Keyword

In the Filter section, select a sub-calendar and enter a keyword and you'll see only events from the selected sub-calendar that contain the keyword.
29 sec read

Filter Events by Keyword

Put a keyword or keywords into the filter box to quickly see events that contain it.
27 sec read

Filter by Sub-Calendar with Text

Filter sub-calendars from the calendar list by typing in text that appears in the sub-calendar name.
27 sec read

Filter by Sub-Calendar

Use the filter box to select the sub-calendar you want to use as a filter, and the calendar will show only the events on...
28 sec read

How to Manage a Complex Schedule with Teamup

You can customize how you use your Teamup calendar so that managing a complex schedule is easier for you and your entire group. 
4 min read