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3 Scenarios that Show How to Be a More Efficient Team Leader

Be a more efficient team leader with streamlined communication and better workflow. These scenarios will give you some great ideas.
4 min read

Feature Update: Signup for a Single Instance of a Recurring Event

We’re excited to bring you a great update to the very useful Signups feature. In the past, using signup on a recurring event would sign...
1 min read

Open Calendar in Browser from Mobile App

Use this quick tip to access your calendar on a mobile browser, straight from the Teamup mobile apps.
38 sec read

How to Get Your Personal Life Organized with a Free Teamup Calendar

Getting your personal life organized has never been easier. Teamup's basic plan gives you a powerful, free calendar with all the features you need.
7 min read

What are event fields?

Event fields are where you can include various types of information for the events on your Teamup calendar. You can create customized event fields....
34 sec read

What are folders?

Folder organization allows you to group your sub-calendars into folders. You can nest folders for an organizational hierarchy.
56 sec read

What is the event editor?

In the event editor, you can customize the details of your event, set details for scheduling and recurrence, and upload images and files.
1 min read

Add Comments to Events

You can use event comments in many ways, both personal and professional. Here's how to use event comments on your Teamup calendar.
1 min read

Click to Create an Event with a Default Time Duration

With this quick method, you can set the default time duration you want with a click.  If you are on a week or day view,...
31 sec read

14 Ways to Use Event Comments on Your Teamup Calendar

With event comments, you can use your Teamup calendar even more efficiently for team discussions, collaboration, feedback, and record-keeping and more. 
4 min read

How the Pennine Scouts Use Teamup to Manage Multiple Groups

It takes a lot of work to manage multiple groups; with Teamup calendar, you can simplify communication and planning to make it less work...
2 min read

What are filters?

Filters are the search tools included in a Teamup calendar. Filters make it easy to find the specific information or events you need, even...
57 sec read

What are access permissions?

Access permissions determine what a user can do on a sub-calendar. For example, a read-only permission allows a user to view the events on...
1 min read

What is a calendar link?

A calendar link is a custom URL that is used to access as Teamup calendar. All users, both individuals and groups, use a custom...
1 min read

Streamline Your Event Workflow for Better Schedule Management

Use Teamup calendar to simplify and improve your event workflow, for schedule management that's easier and more helpful for everyone. Here's how.
4 min read