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This School Helps Students Stay Organized with a Teamup Calendar

A Teamup Calendar can help simplify education for any organization, making student management, class scheduling and more much easier. About Mullein Hill Christian Academy Mullein...
2 min read

How to Use Teamup for a More Efficient Small Business

Make your small business more efficient and profitable by using Teamup to manage booking, staff schedules, service calls, and more. A small business owner...
4 min read

Protected: How a Library Created a Shared Community Calendar for Multiple Groups

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
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5 Ways to Make Your Teamup Calendar Work for You

These five power moves will make your calendar work for you (instead of the other way around). Customize how you use your Teamup Calendar...
4 min read

When to Use One Big Master Calendar Instead of Multiple Master Calendars

When setting up your Teamup Calendar, you may need many sub-calendars. In some cases, it’s better to have separate master calendars; in others, a...
5 min read

New: Widget for the Android App Now Available

We are excited to share this new feature: a helpful calendar widget that keeps your schedule right where you need it. Download from the...
1 min read

Modify a Sub-Calendar

Teamup’s sub-calendars give you lots of control over how you view events, share your calendar, and organize everything on your schedule. After you’ve created...
1 min read

Control the Order of Sub-Calendars and Folders

Teamup sub-calendars and folders are ordered alphanumerically, by default. Folders will be ordered this way, and the sub-calendars inside the folders are ordered alphanumerically...
50 sec read

Teacher Enables Student Autonomy with a Teamup Calendar

With a waiting list for class openings, this studio owner set up a Teamup Calendar for more student autonomy and no wasted class spaces....
1 min read

Innovative Team innobie Uses Teamup to Manage Startup Opportunities

A busy team uses their Teamup Calendar to manage startup opportunities, invitations, hackathons, meetings, and other events, and keep up with their workload. About...
2 min read

10 Smart Ways to Be More Efficient and Organized in 2019

Learn how to delegate, reduce email overload, get your family organized, and streamline work tasks and scheduling for a more efficient new year. You...
4 min read

December Updates from Teamup

This month, we’re excited to bring you New mobile feature ready for beta testing: The widget! Five inspiring user stories that won our November...
4 min read

View a Scheduled Event in Different Time Zones

Some scenarios require that a calendar user may need to see an event, or an entire calendar, in a different time zone than their...
1 min read

Automatically Share Mapped Location in the Where Field

Every Teamup Calendar comes with several pre-built event fields, including a Where field. The Where field will automatically pull the map information for the...
1 min read

Teamup Enables Self-Managing Teens for This Busy Family

With Teamup Calendar, every member of your team or family can become self-managing and more efficient. Keep it simple and stay coordinated with Teamup....
2 min read