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Add Comments to Events

You can use event comments in many ways, both personal and professional. Here's how to use event comments on your Teamup calendar.
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Click to Create an Event with a Default Time Duration

With this quick method, you can set the default time duration you want with a click.  If you are on a week or day view,...
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Protected: How Milo Pharmco Manages A Changing Staff Schedule with Teamup

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13 Ways to Use Event Comments on Your Teamup Calendar

With event comments, you can use your Teamup calendar even more efficiently for team discussions, collaboration, feedback, and record-keeping and more. 
4 min read

How the Pennine Scouts Use Teamup to Manage Multiple Groups

It takes a lot of work to manage multiple groups; with Teamup calendar, you can simplify communication and planning to make it less work...
2 min read

What are filters?

Filters are the search tools included in a Teamup calendar. Filters make it easy to find the specific information or events you need, even...
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What are access permissions?

Access permissions determine what a user can do on a sub-calendar. For example, a read-only permission allows a user to view the events on...
1 min read

What is a calendar link?

A calendar link is a custom URL that is used to access as Teamup calendar. All users, both individuals and groups, use a custom...
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Streamline Your Event Workflow for Better Schedule Management

Use Teamup calendar to simplify and improve your event workflow, for schedule management that's easier and more helpful for everyone. Here's how.
4 min read

A Free and Easy Way to Plan Family Reunions and Summer Holidays

With Teamup Calendar, you can easily plan family reunions and summer holidays. Organize the schedule, share plans, and get everyone involved. Here's how.
4 min read

How to Use Teamup to Plan and Execute Better Corporate Events

Teamup is great as a shared calendar and team collaboration tool that can help you plan, coordinate, and execute a successful corporate event, whether...
3 min read

How to Set Default Calendar on Mobile for New Events

Tap the eye icon on the desired sub-calendar, to show this calendar only. Then, when you add a new event, that sub-calendar will be...
20 sec read

Update a Calendar Link to Include a New Sub-Calendar

If you are a calendar administrator, you might add a new sub-calendar after your initial setup of the calendar, for example, when a new...
57 sec read

Hannover Re Used Teamup to Enable Team Collaboration and Open Sessions

Over 50 participants were able to use a Teamup calendar to individually schedule open space sessions at an event; increased team collaboration was easy...
4 min read

How to Easily Share a Calendar Event on Social Media

To share a calendar event on social media, simply choose the social media option you prefer from the Sharing menu in Teamup. It's really...
2 min read