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How to have all your calendars in one place with no fuss

With the new inbound iCalendar feeds, it is now possible to make Teamup your go-to calendar to view all your schedules and plans in...
1 min read

Using Trello with Teamup Calendar

If you are a Teamup Calendar administrator and you use Trello, you can integrate any of your Trello boards' calendars with Teamup Calendar, so...
1 min read

Android app now supports image uploading

Good news for users of our Android app: The latest version now supports image uploading directly from your mobile device. If your calendar has...
24 sec read

How to Create Company Calendars

Most companies are organized in teams or departments that focus on specific areas of work, such as engineering, production, sales and finance. In small...
2 min read

How to add a holiday calendar to your Teamup

Including public holidays in a team calendar is a frequent need. With the new inbound iCalendar feeds you can easily add a holiday...
9 sec read

Inbound iCalendar Feeds – Sync from external calendars (Beta)

We have just made the beta release of this exciting new feature: The ability to take inbound iCalendar feeds and sync calendar data...
39 sec read

One Million Users!

We are excited to announce that Teamup Calendar has reached one million active monthly users worldwide! When we created Teamup, we wanted to solve...
34 sec read

Organize calendars with folders!

The new exciting feature allows you to use a hierarchy to organize your sub-calendars. It is helpful for scenarios with a large number...
1 min read

Linking Address to Google Maps in Android App

A new version of our app for Android is now available in Google Play. Besides bug fixes and further...
19 sec read

New version of mobile app for Android available

If you're an Android user and don't have the latest version installed yet, please update your app or download it now. This latest...
24 sec read

Yearly View: One Year at a Glance

The new yearly view allows you to get a bird's-eye view of your long term planning, quickly spot availability of resources or when there...
1 min read

Update for the Android app available

Teamup App for Android version 1.0.1 is now available on Google Play. The blank screen issue reported by some users has been fixed...
21 sec read

Get the New Android App!

Great news for Android phone and tablet users: We have just released the first version of Teamup Android App. Download it now...
1 min read

Teamup Adds Spanish and Hungarian Versions (beta)

Teamup releases Spanish and Hungarian versions (beta).

21 sec read

Filter events by keywords and sub-calendars

Too many events on display and wonder how you can see a specific event or all events of specific type? Teamup introduces a...
12 sec read