Adjust Time Zone for Recurring Events

Adjust the time zone for repeating events with Teamup calendar

Teamup has many flexible options for repeating events. You can adjust the time zone when you create a repeating event. This way, if working in multiple time zones, you can manually choose which time zone is the “ead time zone.”

How to adjust time zone for repeating events

When you create an event, you can click the box by Repeats in the event editor. Then you can set recurrence rules from a variety of options.

To adjust the time zone, click the time zone link beside the green Save button. A pop-up window will provide the list of time zones. Choose the time zone you wish to set as the lead time zone for this repeating event.

This lead time zone is important when creating events for individuals in multiple time zones, since daylight savings times (DST) has different dates in different regions.

Here’s an example:

For example, in Australia DST started on Oct 4. In the US it will end on Nov In September you scheduled a weekly video call with participants from Sydney and Los Angeles. It takes place every week at 1pm in Sydney, 8pm in Los Angeles. Now on Oct 4–when DST starts in Sydney–one of the two locations will have to adjust their meeting time. DST does not start until November 1 for LA. The question is this: will participants in Los Angeles have to adjust, or participants in Sydney? Which time zone is the “lead time zone” which governs the timing of this event?

In the past, the lead time zone was set automatically; now you can edit the lead time zone.

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