Adjust Calendar Resolution

How to change the time resolution

We often get asked how to display more info on the calendar in various views. For example, in the weekly view, the event title may not fully display if your calendar is crowded.

In calendar views with a time grid–which include day, scheduler, week, and multi-day view–you can adjust the calendar resolution. This gives more space for each individual event, and, in most cases, allows the full event title to display.

In the screenshot below, the example on the right has a 10-minute time resolution setting. This gives each event more space in the time grid. The event title can be fully displayed. On the left, a 30-minute time resolution cuts off the event box and prevents the full title from displaying in Week view:

30 minute time resolution (left) and 10 minute time resolution (right).

Changing calendar resolution can increase the display space quite a lot in the time grid views. And it’s easy to do. Any user can change time resolution for their calendar:

Choose Calendar Resolution from the blue menu in your Teamup calendar.
  • From the blue menu (in the top right), choose Calendar Resolution.
  • Choose the preferred resolution, from 5 minutes to 60 minutes.

The calendar administrator can set the default time resolution in Settings > Calendar Views. Learn more about time resolution and time-grid views here.