New Slack integration with the Slack button

Teamup Slack integration

Getting Teamup notifications on Slack channels just got easier!  No more webhooks.  Now just a button to click!  Introducing the new Teamup app for Slack so you can see notifications on your Slack channel whenever changes occur on your Teamup Calendar.

It’s no longer a privilege of calendar administrators, but it’s available now to all Teamup users!

Step 1: Find the Slack button on your calendar

Go to Notifications from the menu in the top right of your Teamup Calendar

Teamup notifications

In the Preferences dialog, click Slack.  Now click the “Add to Slack” button:

add to slack button

Step 2: Authorize on Slack

Select the Slack team and channel where you want to see the notifications from Teamup.

Step 3: Choose what you want to be notified

Once you have authorized Slask to post the notifications, you are back to Teamup Calendar to specify what changes that you want to be notified on Slack.  Save and done!

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